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Z/ZX-Series - Error Code 30

For the Z/ZX product line, an Error Code 30 is defined as a "Z-RAM failure". In other words, it is the way that a Z/ZX unit indicates that it has experienced a non-volatile memory error.

An Error Code 30 can appear both before and during the execution of a program, though this error appears more frequently when no programs are running. The following are common causes for an Error Code 30:

When No Sequences Are Running:
  • Bad or marginal battery
  • Electrical Noise
  • Power fluctuation during program downloading
  • Bad or intermittent RS232 connection
  • Poor programming protocol (such as forgetting to end a sequence with an XT statement)

    While a Sequence is Running:
  • Bad or marginal battery
  • Electrical Noise

    Despite the Error code 30 appearing on the Z/ZX unit, one should still be able to communicate, assuming there is no problem with the RS232 connection with the unit. If the Error Code 30 continues to appear when you cycle power, replace the internal battery (please refer to the What battery is in my Z, ZX, or ZXF drive FAQ). Contact Compumotor's Application Department for instruction on how to perform this battery swap.
    If replacement of the battery does not eliminate the Error Code 30, typing the following commands in XWare's Terminal emulator should clear the 30 Code, but please note that this will also wipe out any existing sequences and drive settings:


    Make sure that you save all of your sequences and/or parameter settings to your PC before executing this string of commands, so that they can be re-downloaded after you perform this. Also, make sure that no sequences are currently running when you type in this string of commands.