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630 Family Replacement Options (631, 635, 637)

The Parker (SSD / Eurotherm) servo drive 630 family includes the 631, 635, 637, 637F, and 638 designs.  These are European drives that are not catalog items for the EM&D division.  The 631, 635, and 637 have been discontinued and are no longer available.  

Note - the 635 may also be known as the APOLLO drive (ASB, Germany)

Note - the 637 may also be known as the SAMSON drive (ASB, Germany)

The 637F and 638 may be possible replacement options sold through the EM&D custom product system, though the EM&D support will be limited.  The 637F/638 have higher position resolution so some programming and parameter adjustments will be necessary.  The 638 also uses different motor and power supply connectors and includes an additional STO connector.

The Compax3 family is another option though will require more design changes.

Here is some useful comparisons and user documentation.

For 631 / 635 replacements, the 638A is the closest replacement.

631/635 Replacement

For the 637, the 637F or the 638B are the closest replacements.  They each have different position resolution resolutions requiring programming / parameter changes.  The 638B also uses different motor and power connectors and includes an additional STO connector but is a new option.

This compares the 637F and 638B specifications.

637F versus 638B

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