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Replacement Batteries & Installation Instructions

The SX line of microstepping indexers incorporate battery backed RAM to store sequences, variables, and parameter settings. These products use a 3V, Sanyo-type CR2450 battery to store this information in the indexer's memory. Replacement batteries do not necessarily have to be made by Sanyo (Panasonic batteries can also be used), but it does need to be of the "CR2450" battery type.

While we do not offer replacement batteries, you can purchase these batteries at most local electronic and/or camera stores, and even drug stores.

NOTE: While the battery, which sustains the memory for the SX products, has a typical lifespan of several years, they can dissipate over shorter periods of time - especially if the SX product is left unpowered for an extended period of time. If storing it for any lengthy duration, occasionally power up the devices to preserve the battery - and the stored sequences and parameter settings of your unit.

1)Remove power from the unit. Keep in mind that lethal voltages may be present inside the drive and at the motor connector for up to 30 seconds after power is removed.

2)Remove all other connectors as well. If you have an SX8 drive, remove the four screws that fasten the fan enclosure. Remove two screws from the face of the sx drive (side with the connectors).

3)Remove the perimeter screws from the bottom of the unit, including those that fasten the mounting brackets. Do not remove the three screws that attach through the heatsink. The outer cover should lift off the heatsink to reveal the battery and the control board.

4)Carefully remove the battery by sliding, not lifting. Be sure that the battery leaf spring has adequate tension to ensure the battery is not loose upon installation (bend slightly).

5)Install the new battery, noting polarity. Reassemble the unit.

6)Attach motor and other cabling.

7)Apply power.

8)Establish RS-232C communications.

9)Issue nRIFS; Issue nXC; Issue nR (where n is the device address specified by the dip switches on the bottom of the unit). The unit should respond with a *R. Re-download the program. You are done.

The replacement battery for new SX's is a Sanyo 3 volt lithium battery (CR2450), for old SX's is a Panasonic 3 volt lithium battery (CR2032).