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Replacement Connectors for Dynaserv Products

The CN1 and CN2 connectors for the Dynaserv DM and DR /drive motor systems are available for purchase from Connex. Contact Connex for availability and pricing at: 1-510-656-7722.

  • 50-pin Honda-type CN1 connector:

    - Connex part #: MR-50LM

  • 8-pin Honda-type Feedback Connector (for Dynaserv DR Series):

    - Connex part #: MR-8LM

  • 16-Pin Honda-type Feedback Connector (for Dynaserv DM Series):

    - Connex part #: MR-16LM

The following Dynaserv connectors are directly available from Compumotor:

  • 20-pin Fujutsu connector:

    - Compumotor part # 43-017077-01 (connector) and 43-017078-01 (cover)

  • 50-pin Fujutsu connector:

    - Compumotor part # 43-017079-01 (connector) and 43-017080-01 (cover)

NOTE: For diagrams, connection instructions, and other specific information on a particular connector, consult the User Guide for your particular Dynaserv model.