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AT Card DLL Drivers, WinRT and Windows Registry

Several different DLL drivers are used with 6000 Series AT-cards:

  • Motion Architect uses the 16-bit WIN6400.DLL in Windows 3.1 and 95/98.
  • Any 32-bit application in Windows95/98 uses the WN956000.DLL.
  • Any application using Windows NT platform uses the NT6400.DLL.

The WN95600 and NT6400 DLLs utilize a driver called WinRT. The registration of this WinRT driver with Windows can be found in the Windows Registry.

Motion OCX does not use any of these DLLs. It uses a different DLL called ISACOMM.DLL. This DLL does not use the WinRT driver.

When upgrading an AT-servo card to an Operating System newer than 4.72, the newest DLLs need to be used. They are contained on version 1.2 or newer of the 6000 Samples and Drivers disk. To get the newest Motion OCX DLL, Motion OCX needs to be upgraded to version 1.4 or newer.

When replacing either of the DLLs that use the WinRT driver, one extra step should be taken to insure a clean replacement. The WinRT folder should be deleted from the Windows registry.

Follow the list below to accomplish this task:

1. Go to [START] => [Run] on your PC.

2. Type in REGEDIT and find the WinRT folder by following these folders:


3. Delete the WinRT folder.

4. Once the WinRT folder is deleted, reboot the system.