Parker Hannifin
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Motion Architect & Win98

If you are installing Motion Architect onto Windows 98, you may encounter the error "ISINST30 caused a general protection fault......" This error is caused by a conflict between the Motion Architect installation program and a driver being used on the computer.

The driver that most commonly causes the conflict is the driver used by the Microsoft Intellipoint Mouse, MSWHEEL. Other drivers may cause the problem, but have not yet been identified.

To resolve the problem with MSWHEEL, disable the Intellipoint Mouse during the installation. To disable the mouse, press Control-Alt-Delete and end the task titled MSWHEEL. After this, begin the Motion Architect Installation again. The Intellipoint mouse will be enabled again automatically the next time you start up the computer.

If MSWHEEL is not running, the conflict is caused by a different driver. The driver in question may be identified by ending one task at a time via the Task Manager (reached by hitting Control-Alt-Delete) and restarting the Motion Architect installation process each time.

If the error still persist after all task have been ended, the problem could be a conflict with the system resources. Try disabling system resources that are not needed. For example, disable the sound, com ports, etc. This can be done by going to Start/Settings/Control Panel/System. When the System Properties are brought up, click on the Device Manager tab. Double click on the desired device and disable.

This error only happens during installation and will not occur when running Motion Architect.