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PDHX-E Troubleshooting Codes.

The 7-segment display on the drive front panel gives an indication of a number of possible fault conditions. The fault codes are listed below. Under normal operating conditions the display will show 0.

Code 0
-- No faults, drive is energised.

Code 1
-- No faults, drive is de-energised.

Code 2
-- Drive fault. The Drive Fault LED should also be on.

Code 3
-- Changed memory map (factory use only).

Code 4
-- not applicable to the PDHX15-E.

Code 5
-- Checksum error. This indicates a failure in the battery-backed RAM. It may be caused by the unit remaining unused for an exceptionally long period (e.g. several months)

Code 6 & 7
-- not applicable to the PDHX15-E.

Code 8
-- Watchdog failure. The processor has 'hung', which will shut down the drive. This may be caused for instance by excessive interference from neighboring equipment. Cycle power to restart.

Code E
-- Exception error. This is caused by a hardware or firmware malfuntion resulting in incorrect operation of the user program. Cycle power to recover.

Code P
-- Power failure. The motor supply in the drive has fallen below the minimum level.

Code U
-- UART error. This is normally caused by ASCII characters being transmitted in an incorrect format (baud rate, number of start or stop bits). Reset by typing the address followed by R.