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Changes in Input Specifications for ZETA6104

Parker Compumotor is pleased to announce the release of enhanced input and output capability for the ZETA6104 drive/indexer.

Units with the new I/O capability began shipping from Compumotor on October 2, 1997 with beginning serial number 97100200500.

The inputs TRIG, LIMIT & HOM on the ZETA6104 drive/indexer are now utilizing switching thresholds proportional to the level of the input voltage, rather than a fixed TTL level. The inputs were previously compatible with +24VDC but still used TTL switching thresholds, even when +24VDC was the reference.

In the new configuration, the user must attach a new pin marked V_I/O, to a voltage between +5V and +24VDC. The V_I/O pin is a new input pin that powers the TRIG, LIMIT & HOM input circuits. A jumper wire has been added to the ship kit for the user to attach +5VDC to the V_I/O pin if desired. +5VDC is available on pin 7 of the AUX connector. If the user wishes to use +24VDC for these inputs, an external supply is needed.

The new switching thresholds are 1/3 of the voltage referenced on V_I/O for a low and 2/3 of the voltage referenced on V_I/O for a high. When +5V is used as the referenced voltage for V_I/O, the inputs are compatible with standard TTL switching levels. When V_I/O is 24VDC, a high level needs to be approximately 16VDC, rather than the 2.4V that TTL levels require. TTL drivers will work with our inputs if V-I/O is +5VDC but will not be compatible if the inputs are referenced to +24VDC.

The programmable outputs are now capable of sinking up to 300ma and are short circuit protected. The previous ZETA6104 had a 30ma maximum rating for these outputs. The pin marked OUT-P still must be connected to +5VDC to +24VDC, or the output must be pulled up via the load.

To bring the programmable I/O on all 6000 Series products to 24 VDC switching levels, please refer to the VM24 External I/O Module.