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Apex velocity mode

To put the Apex10, Apex20, Apex40 into velocity mode, connect the Tach Output pin to Feedback+ and Ground to Feedback-. Set the velocity command signal to zero volts and adjust the offset balance pot until the motor is not moving.

Command a velocity and adjust the Tach Out Cal pot until the motor turns at the commanded velocity. 1 Volt should result in a speed of 1000RPM. Measure the command input to verify your command signal. With a command of 1 Volt you should measure 1 volt between the Tach Output and ground. If you do not, adjust the Tach Out Cal so that you measure 1 volt. This ensure a 1 Volt/1000rpm command signal calibration.

Note: The velocity integral pot can affect the systems responsiveness to sudden changes in load. This pot must be enabled using the velocity integrator enable switch on the drive, switch 3-1.