Parker Hannifin
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Not enough space for environment error

This is a rare error, and we've only seen it when the system also has some kind of software development package installed, usually Visual C++, under WinNT. It occurs because the 'path,' 'lib,' and 'environment' variables take up too much space in the default 64K data segment of Motion Architect Panel and Servo Tuner. There are several ways to get around this:
  • The easiest and most harmless way is to run the DOS/Console app window and get into the Motion Architect directory. Then type
       set path=c:\winnt\system32\;c:\winnt
       set lib=""
       set include=""
    Now execute Motion Architect Panel by typing OP6000.exe at the prompt. However, once the DOS/Console app is closed, the variables are returned to their original settings.
  • A more permanent way is to modify the environment variables by going into My Computer\Control Panel\System\Environment\User Variables and setting 'path' to c:\winnt\system32;c:\winnt, and setting 'lib' and 'include' to blank. Now the user will be able to run Motion Architect Panel and ServoTuner, but will not be able to run Visual C++ until the environment variables are restored.
  • Another way is to have the system administrator for WinNT create a Motion Architect user account on the WinNT workstation, using minimal environment settings. The downside of this approach is that the user will have to reboot to get into the Motion Architect account and then reboot again to get out of it.
  • The final approach is to download the LaunchControl utlitity (LNCHCTRL.exe) from ZDNet at
    This ulitity lets you describe how Windows programs are to be run by allowing you to tailor the environment variables for each separate application.