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Difference between Compax and SV

Question: What is the difference between the Hauser Compax and the Hauser SV drives?

Answer: The first and most important difference between the Compax and the Hauser drives is that the SV is an drive only. There is no programmability in the SV. It accepts a +/- 10VDC analog signal that corresponds to velocity or torque.

In contrast the Compax is a programmable controller and drive packaged system. The Compax controller uses a unique motion programming language that is easy to learn.

The next difference is that the SV has a digital velocity control loops but an analog current control loop. The Compax is a fully digital controller and drive. All control loops in the Compax is digital including the current loop. Because of the digital current loop, it can use a wide range of different resolvers as feedback for the motor, without having to realign the resolver.