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Resolver Cable Part Number Change for Servo Motors

Effective immediately, resolver feedback cable part numbers 71-015019-10 and 71-015019-25 have been replaced by 71-015870-10 and 71-015870-25 respectively.

This change simply adds two additional wires for connecting to the brake of motors that feature this "B" option (e.g., N0703FR-KMSB). For motors that do not have a brake, the wires can be left disconnected.

All other wiring remains the same. For reference, the color code for this cable is provided below.

Designation MS14-18 Pin No. Wire Color
S1 E Black
S2 L Green
S3 J Red
S4 G Blue
R1 C Brown
R2 U White
Temp. R Yellow/Orange or
Temp. N Yellow (T)
Brake S Red/Blue
Brake T Red/Blue