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Matching Dynaserv Drives and Motors

Older Dynaserv drives had to be matched to the original Dynaserv motor. Both the drive and the motor had serial numbers that matched. You could not swap in a new drive or a new motor. You would typically receive and error code 3 if you attempted this.

Around October 1993, we adjusted the drives and motors so they could be swapped, assuming they were the same type drive(i.e. any DR-1015B motor could work with any DR-1015B drive). We often refer to this as a Phase 3 type drive. We cannot place an exact serial number date code of when this happened, but October 1993 is an approximate time frame. The best way to identify the new versus the old drive is by looking at the LED display on the front of the drive. If the LED display is above the CN1 connector, the drive is the newer drive(Phase 3). Phase 3 drives may also have a -62 in their part number. If the LED display is to the left of the CN1 connector, the drive is an older drive(Phase 2).

There is one exception. The DR5000A series drives are only available in the older(Phase 2) type models. These models include the DR5300A, DR5400A and DR5500A. If you need to replace just the motor or drive for these model numbers, it may be possible. Please consult the Compumotor Applications Engineering Department for help in this situation.All G2 and G3 Dynaserv drives can be used with any motor of the same part number as the drive. That is, a DxG3-abcde drive can be used with any DxG3-abcde motor.

Assuming the original system was at least a Gen1 Phase 3, you can also swap between generations. For example, you can use an old DR1005B motor with a new DRG3-1005B drive. Or you can use a new DRG3-1005B motor with an old DR1005B drive. However, the motor feedback connector is different. The CN2-F adapter cable is used to connect an old motor to a new drive.

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