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APEX, APEX615n, Z, ZX, ZXF Suggested Replacements

The Z drive was obsoleted in 1999 and unfortunately these cannot be repaired any longer - though repairs were supported on this drive for 7 years, good support for obsoleted drives. If it's just a Z drive connected to a controller and a needing a replacement, the Z drive was commanded with a step & direction signal.

APEX drives are also obsolete and cannot be repaired either. Repairs had been supported for 10 years.

The Compax3 series would be the best choice for a replacement. Some of the higher powered Compax3 models though need 3phase AC input power and is slightly wider than the Z drive and APEX/APEX615n (though significantly shorter in height and depth). If needing a replacement drive to run on single-phase 208/240 AC input power, the Gemini would be recommended. Like the C3, it's slightly wider than the Z drive, but significantly shorter in height and depth. Please see the Apex catalog pages and the Compax3/Gemini catalog pages for dimensions, available from the product pages.

This chart shows the catalog specifications and the models recommended for replacement:

Gemini & Compax3 Suggested Replacements
If looking for a replacement for the ZX or ZXF drive or APEX615n, these are drive/controllers. The Compax3 T30 programmable unit could replace these. But since the IEC programming language is a significant upgrade from the X language, it might be easier depending on the program complexity to use the Gemini GV6K that uses the 6K programming language. We have standard cable sets for the MPP motors to connect to the Gemini in Parker System Solution Finder (or for ATCs in the Master Price List > Cable Configurator).

We do have a standard Z/APEX600 series motor feedback cables to the Gemini. The existing motor cable can be used again (just add spade crimps to connect to the Gemini) and it should be ok but since the APEX/Z series cables were not shielded cables, it would be a good idea to replace them to prevent noise problems. These cables are the related FAQ:

APEX Motor to Gemini Cables

The APEX motors can be used with the Compax3 but we do not have standard cable sets to connect these. Since the Z and APEX series drives all used screw terminal connections with flying lead cables, the VM15 screw terminal breakouts could be used with the Compax3 to connect these. However, since the APEX and Z series cables were not shielded cables, you could request on the extranet we quote you shielded APEX/Z motor cables to connect to the Compax3, or replace the motor with the MPP motor and the cables as well (in Parker System Solution Finder or in Master Price List > Cable Configurator - section W).


Note the APEX (APEX10, APEX20, APEX40) and APEX6000 (APEX6151, APEX6152, APEX6154) inputs were NPN logic. The Compax3's inputs require a pull-down resistor for NPN sensors.

Related FAQ:  Wiring for Apex Motors to Compax3 servo drives


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