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APEX640 Suggested Replacement

The Z640 motors are very old. They're the same as the APEX640 motor so if that exact motor is needed, these are available as a custom product request on the extranet for APEX640-MO-NC. As a reference, MO means motor only - since these were sold with an APEX drive, or in the Z640 case with the Z drive. NC means no cable.

Recommended 640 motor replacement:

Or with brake:

Apex40 or Apex6154 with MPP1428P41 speed-torque

Compax3 S150V2 8kHz 240vac with MPP1428P41 speed-torque

This has the newer Interconnectron PS style connectors which offers better noise immunity. We have standard cable sets to connect this motor to our newer drives. Note that the face dimensions are almost identical. However the motor standard connectors point up, not forward and the motor is shorter. Please see catalog MPP dimensions.
Note that the MPP is an 8pole motor (4pole pair motor) and is electrically a different motor than the APEX motor. Please use the motor specifications above to set the dipswitches appropriately.

Apex Number of motor poles - Dipswitch setting

The APEX motors can be used with the Compax3 but we do not have standard cable sets to connect these. Since the Z and APEX series drives all used screw terminal connections with flying lead cables, the VM15 screw terminal breakouts could be used with the Compax3 to connect these. However, since the APEX and Z series cables were not shielded cables, you could request on the extranet we quote you shielded APEX/Z motor cables to connect to the Compax3, or replace the motor with the MPP motor and the cables as well (in Parker System Solution Finder or in Master Price List > Cable Configurator - section W).

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