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G3 to 6K Basic Setup

If you are unsure of the current state of the drive, first set the system back to factory default.

There are two options for operation.

Position Loop closed at the Dynaserv and 6K in Open Loop mode (stepper setup)

The Dynaserv's default mode is step and direction mode which means it is closing its own servo position loop.  With the default settings, no additional changes are required in the Dynaserv if you choose to use this mode of operation, only adjustments to the Dynaserv tuning may be required.  See Dynaserv documentation on tuning the Dyanserv position loop.

1.  The 6K minimum settings will be to set the particular axis to 'stepper' mode using the AXSDEF command and the DRES command to match the particular Dynaserv resolution.

2.  Optional - you can use the Dynaserv software to change the overall step input resolution by adjust parameter 112 in the Dyanserv drive.  See Dyanserv user guide for more details on how to do that.

See the 6K Command Reference Guide for more details on these commands.

Position Loop closed at the 6K (servo) and Dynaserv in Torque mode

Dynaserv Setup

1. Using the Dynaserv's DrvX3 Support Tool software (see Dynaserv documentation for details on establishing communications) go into the Parameter Settings window, select the 'Parameter Setting' tab and then select the 'System setup register 1' radio button.

2.  Change the "External analog input range" to +/-10V and then press the 'Regist' button up top.

3.  Change the "Setup basic control mode" to Torque/Force control mode and press the 'Regist' button up top.

4.  You can also determine your Dynaserv resolution setting (needed for the following 6K setup) by going to the 'Function parameter' tab and selecting the 'BASIC setup' from the pull down menu.  Parameter 112 determines the encoder output resolution of the Dynaserv drive.  This can be changed if desired as long as you use the same value in the later 6K setup.

6K Setup

1.  Make sure the 6K axis is configured as a servo (AXSDEF command).

2.  Set the ERES command to the corect encoder resolution based on the resolution of your particular Dynaserv model.

3.  Tune the 6K servo position loop using the Motion Planner Servo Tuner tool.  See 6K documentation for further details on that.

Note - 6K operating system versions prior to 6.4.0 may not support the highest of the Dynaserv resolutions so you may need to update your 6K OS version to the current version to allow these higher values. 

Note - The 6K to Dynaserv cable (71-023716-04 or 71-023716-10) supports both torque mode and position mode. The additional G3 onboard I/O are not accessible with a the standard cable.

Note - P112 in the Dynaserv changes the incoming step resolution and the outgoing encoder resolution and does require a power cycle on the drive to take affect.


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