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Vix-IE with Brushed motor and Encoder

When running a ViX-IE drive with a brushed motor that also has encoder feedback, it is necessary to have LOADENC set to 1 and the following wiring configuration for the X2 and X4 connectors.

Connection on the Vix X1 connector
Vix X1 connectorMotor Terminal
Motor phase U+
Motor phase W-

Connection on the ViX X2 connector
HALL 1 (pin 9) and 2 (pin 13) are jumpered to GND

Connection on the Vix X4 connector
Vix X4 PinEncoder Signal
5+Vcc (+5VDC)

Notes on LOADENC

The default setting for LOADENC is 0, which sets the Vix drive to commutate from the X2 encoder input. The current output on phase U and W will vary based on the position of the encoder connected to X2.

With LOADENC set to 1, the Vix drive does not servo from the X2 encoder input, but will instead servo from the X4 encoder input. The current output will be determined by the Hall signal input on the X2 connector, in this case for the U and W phase outputs.