Parker Hannifin
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Resetting Absolute encoder position for IPA

When using EnDat or BiSS-C multi-turn absolute encoders with the IPA it may be helpful to reset the zero position to better align with the system mechanics.

To reset the absolute encoder position, move the motor to the desired location.  Then, in the terminal, issue the command C62=0.

Beginning with firmware version 4.41, the user can also selected the range of the absolute position:
(assuming the standard multi-turn resolution of 4096)

C185=0  ......range will be  -2047   to   +2048     This is the default for backwards compatibility of previous Aries Controller applications.  Note that the Aries Controller is obsolete and is not compatible with BiSS-C encoders.

C185=1   .....range will be 0 to 4096

jw -july 2015