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Aries Controller Replacement

Bulletin SD1429
Parker discontinued the sale of all Aries Controller (aka Aries CE) servo drives effective March 1st , 2016. The Intelligent Parker Amplifier (IPA) was designed and introduced as a replacement for the Aries Controller.  With a proven and superior product available as a replacement, Parker decided to retire the Aires CE to simplify support and to encourage customers to move to the new and better product. 
The following parts are impacted: 
AR-04CE AR-08CE AR-13CE 
All custom products based on the above products, such as: CP*AR-04CE-xxxxx CP*AR-08CE-xxxxx CP*AR-13CE-xxxxx

Suggested Replacements 
The IPA is the recommend replacement for the Aries CE. 

The robust Ethernet implementation in the IPA provides outstanding performance in HMI, PC and PLC based applications. PC and HMI drives for the IPA are the same as those used with the AriesCE so that most legacy applications will communicate with the IPA without changes to the settings.

ACR-View 6.4 and greater includes support for the IPA. Existing Aries Controller applications can be upgraded with a single button press in ACR-View. With this process, motor set-up information is updated to support new values in the IPA. AcroBasic program code developed for the Aries CE can be loaded in an IPA without modification in most applications. In some cases the faster processing of the IPA may introduce some timing changes to programs, generally reducing program complexity. 

The IPA has the same connectors and pin-outs for I/O, power, motor and motor feedback, allowing for replacement of an Aries CE without wiring changes. 

Motors and Feedback 
The IPA supports all the same motors and feedback types as the Aries controller, with the exception of the obsolete Parker smart encoders. These encoders were designated by the order code of "3E" in the MPP/MPJ series and by "Q"in all other motor families. The Parker smart encoders were 2000 line, incremental encoders that store motor set-up information in the encoder and push this data to the Aries on start-up. This data included initial hall/encoder alignment information. The IPA is not currently able to read this data or start without hall commutation. When upgrading an application that uses a smart encoder to an IPA, it will be necessary to change the motor or contact Parker about the possibility of changing the motors feedback devices via a factory based repair. 

New Features 
The IPA includes a top mounted connector housing several new features that were not present in the Aries Controller. Included are dedicated, dual inputs for disabling torque output. For convenience in replacement applications, these inputs are jumped at the factory. This connector also features analog inputs and optional 24V keep alive. 

The IPA will occupy less cabinet space with a height of seven inches compared with eight for the Aries. The depth of the drives are the same and the width is similar. The mounting holes for the IPA are different than those on the Aries Controller, shifted to the left side of the drive rather than the right. The P-Clip is now more conveniently mounted on the front of the drive instead of the bottom and the mounted holes are slotted for easier install. 

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