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Can I use Aries drives with MX80L linear motor stages?

AriesCE (Controller version): Yes
AriesPE (Powerlink Version): Yes
AriesAE (Analog Command Input): No
AriesSE (Step/Direction Command Input): No


The Aries Controller (and Aries Powerlink) drives can operate with a motor input power as low as 45VDC, making it suitable for driving the MX80L motors. No firmware or hardware modifications are required. AriesAE/SE versions cannot run below ~90VDC therefore are not compatible with the MX80L.



MX80L Linear motors stages require a maximum bus voltage of 80VDC and are typically used with ViX Servo drives. The AriesCE/PE is generally specified for motor input power of 120-240VAC, which results in a bus voltage of ~170-340VDC. If a bus voltage of 100+ was applied to the MX80, damage would occur to the motor. However, the existing design of the Aries CE/PE supports direct input of DC voltage as low as 45VDC. The MX80L motors typically utilize 48-80VDC.


The Aries also requires Control Input Power of 120/240VAC. This cannot operate as low as the motor power input and should remain at 120/240VAC. Be sure to remove the factory installed jumpers on the power connector.


The XL-PSU power supply can be used to provide the 80VDC motor power to the drive.


The 15-pin feedback connector in the MX80L plugs directly into the Aries without modification.


Motor files for MX80L are not included in ACR-View, but are available here.



Jan-16-2012  JW