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Feedback type parameter for IPA

IPA servo drive controllers can accept several different feedback types without hardware modification. Parameter C171 tells the drive what feedback will be connected. 

C171=1 Incremental Encoder
C171=2  Endat Absolute
C171=3 Sinecosine with halls

(with firmware 4.41 and higher)
C171=4 DSL
C171=6 Analog halls (sine cosine w/o halls)

(with firmware 4.42 and higher)
C171=5 BiSS

when C171 is changed, the drive needs to be power cycled or issued the REBOOT command to implement the change. 

ACR-View 6.4.1  supports all feedback types listed above. Prior to downloading the motor file ACR-View will check the current value of C171 and if the new value is different and REBOOT command will be issues following the motor file download to enable the new settings. 

ACR-View 6.4.0 does not support C171>3....changes would need to be entered in the terminal AFTER downloading the motor file. 

jw -july 2015
updated 22-09-2016 jw