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How can I recover from a COMMS CODE N error on the AC890

When upgrading the firmware on an 890 Control board, in rare cases, this process may fail, thus leaving the control board in a state where DSE can’t communicate to this board. The display MMI display "COMMS CODE N". The control board may be in the boot mode. If the board is in the boot mode, there is a chance of restoring the board.

This procedure will explain how to restore the board, so DSE can communicate to it. To do this procedure you be required to also have a known good 890 drive along with the COMMS CODE N drive.


Follow these instructions step-by-step exactly.

  1. Apply power to the 890 drive control board of a good working drive.
  2. Connect the USB cable to the USB port on the good working 890 drive.
  3. Launch DSE and go to COMMAND / INSTALL FIRMWARE.
  4. Select the firmware to be installed. Do NOT press the INSTALL button yet.
  5. Remove the USB cable from this good drive.
  6. Apply power to the drive which has the COMMS CODE N.
  7. Connect the USB cable to this drive which has the COMM CODE N.
  8. In DSE press the INSTALL button. (located in the COMMAND / INSTALL FIRMWARE).
  9. Once the firmware has installed, install the configuration into the control board.

7NOV2016 LS