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Can the AC890 be used in an encoder following application?

AC890 Phase Control

To configure an 890 drive to follow an external Reference Encoder. This is not a Phase Locking application. If desired, PID control can be added using a dancer or load cell signal.


An 890 Drive operating in the Closed Loop Vector mode and the software DSE 890 or DSELite. An Encoder or Resolver must be mounted to the motor. An 8903/xx Encoder Option card must be fitted in the drive. The drive must also be configured for Advance performance. A FireWire 8903/FA option card is not required in the drive.


Setup Procedure

  1. 1. Install the 8903/xx Encoder Option card per the 8903/xx technical manual. This will be the Master Speed Reference input the drive will follow.
  2. Auto tune the drive in the Closed Loop Vector mode.
  3. Using DSE 890 or DSELite set up the function blocks as shown above. Enter the encoder data in the Reference Encoder block. The Virtual Master block is not required. Add a Value Multiplier block to normalize the encoder rpm. The Multiply value is 100. The Divide value is the Maximum speed, the same value as Max Speed in the Reference block.
  4. Connect Encoder Feedback (RPM) to Input x of the Value Multiplier and connect the Output of the Value Multiplier to the Remote Setpoint of the Reference block.
  5. Adjust Accel and Decel times in the Reference Ramp block to meet the application requirements.
  6. If desired the output of a PID block can be added connected to Speed Trim input on the Reference block.

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