Parker Hannifin
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Endat Absolute Encoders with IPA-Feedback errors

IPA is reporting E37 Bad Hall State errors with an absolute encoder:
By default the IPA drive's encoder input is configured for an incremental encoder. The drive does not auto-detect the feedback type on power cycle. Parameter C171 indicates the feedback type. 
C171=1          Incremental Encoder
C171=2          Endat Absolute

This parameter requires a power cycle or REBOOT to take effect. The correct value for C171  is included in the motor data downloaded via ACR-View. 

Use the STATUS command in the terminal to verify the feedback type.

    Version 4.40
    Power Level: 400W
    Control Power: INACTIVE
    Motor Name: MPP0923D7D
    Motor Type: ROTARY
    Feedback Type: ENDAT ENCODER
    Motor Temp: 25C
    Drive: ENABLED
    PWM Frequency: 16kHz
    Feedback Resolution: 524288
    Drive Temperature: 40C
    Bus Voltage: 164V