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Errors generated by Static Analysis Light

This FAQ deals with the following errors:

  • SA0004: Multiple write access on output
  • SA0006: Unused variables
  • SA0027: Multiple use of name
  • SA0028: Overlapping memory areas
  • SA0033: Unused variables

These errors are caused by Static Analysis Light, a new feature in PAM 1.3.0. Static Analysis Light is a tool to help users enforce good programming practices and avoid difficult-to-find problems like data races and variable naming ambiguity.

If you do not want to use Static Analysis Light, you can turn it off by clicking Project > Project Settings and then clicking Static Analysis Light.


Unchecking all of the boxes will disable all Static Analysis Light errors. Press OK to save the changes.


You can find more information about Static Analysis Light in the PAM help file under Parker Automation Manager > Reference, User Interface > Dialog boxes > Dialog Box 'Project Settings' > Dialog Box 'Project Settings' - 'Static Analysis Light'.

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