Parker Hannifin
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User Function Block: Software Limits

Products: ACR9600, ACR9630, ACR9640

AXIS_SoftLimits is a user function block that adjusts the settings for software limits on an axis. Download the code here : Axis_SoftLimts

See also Acrobasic commands SLM, SLIM and SLDEC

Axis AXIS_REF Axis Reference
Execute BOOL Assigns limits settings at the rising edge
EnablePositive BOOL Enable Positive direction limit detection (SLIM)
EnableNegative BOOL Enable negative direction limit detection (SLIM)
PositiveLimit REAL positive travel range in absolute units (SLM)
NegativeLimit REAL negative travel range in absolute units (SLM)
Deceleration REAL Decelaration when soft limits is hit (SLDEC)
Done BOOL Limits have new assignment

jw -Apr-2013