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IPA drives with DC voltage input

The IPA drives can operate with a motor input power as low as 20VDC (with firmware version 4.41), making it suitable for driving the MX80L and mSR100 linear motor stages.   


MX80L Linear motors stages require a maximum bus voltage of 80VDC and are typically used with ViX Servo drives. The IPA is generally specified for motor input power of 120-240VAC, which results in a bus voltage of ~170-340VDC. If a bus voltage of 100+ was applied to the MX80, damage would occur to the motor. However, the existing design of the IPA supports direct input of DC voltage as low as 20VDC. The MX80L motors typically utilize 24-80VDC.


The IPA also requires Control Input Power of 120/240VAC. This cannot operate as low as the motor power input and should remain at 120/240VAC. Be sure to remove the factory installed jumpers on the power connector.