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IPA_Home How to change the Home Start Direction or Other Home Settings?

The mode input for the Add-On Instruction IPA_Home for Ethernet/IP control of the IPA servo motor drive/controller controls: the direction for homing, the edge of the home sensor found, slow speed backing up to that edge, and setting the final approach direction (to take up any mechanical hysteresis or backlash).

This is an integer (16bit INT) where the first 4 bits set the home mode that is passed to p4157.

Bit 0: Start in Negative direction

Bit 1: Backup to home sensor enabled (Slow-speed move to edge)

Bit 2:  Negative edge of home sensor

Bit 3:  Final approach direction negative

See figures in attached Excel file:



These are the first 4 bits of P4157. Within the AcroBasic IPA code for the AOIs, this is cHomeMode (in Defines).

We will be correcting the online help file for the AOI instructutions in a future version. No changes to the AOI themselves or the AcroBasic programs need to be made. The online help for the Add-On Instruction (AOI) IPA_Home in Logix software lists the Mode as either Incremental or Absolute in err.


Note for absolute encoders, homing is not needed. The absolute encoder position is already read on power-up of the IPA. If needing to zero it's position, don't use IPA_Home but use ACR-View to as a one time reset of the encoder's reference:

See:  Resetting Absolute encoder position for IPA