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IXA/PCA hangs up during Windows shutdown (Acronis True Image is terminating . . . )

During a Windows shutdown on the IXA or PCA product lines, the shutdown process hangs up with the following message (also see screen shot below):

Acronis True Image is terminating the current operations, please wait. 

The computer will be turned off automatically in about two minutes.

However, the system never completes the shutdown process.  This is due to a known issue in the Acronis recovery software which Parker is going to address in the next revision of the OS image (rev C).  This issue may affect units shipped prior to 9/10/16 (serial numbers beginning with 160910xxxxx will have the new rev C image installed and will not see this issue).

Rev C Image 

You can be use the Acronis recovery software that ships with all IX/PC units to upgrade to the rev C image.  See the IX/PC User Guide for information on using this software)

If you don't want to upgrade to the Rev C image (since this will wipe out any other software you have installed and your Interact X runtime project if it is already loaded) then you can implement the following solution.

KillAcronis Implementation Instructions




6/2016 glh