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Using the PHM and PM1 Remote Monitors with the IX / PCA Headless units

You can connect the PHM using the install files for the touchscreen drivers on the unit. It uses the Hampshire TSHARK drivers.

For instructions on installing the TSHARK Drivers, download the IX User Manual from the following link.

Right Click and "Save Target As" to download manual. IX / PCA / XT Manual

For the PM1 monitor, we do not have drivers available for Windows 7. You will need to download and license a Windows 7 version of the UPDD driver from Touch-Base. They write different versions of the drivers depending on the touchscreen controller in the monitors. The PM1 monitor has a 3M SC3 controller. Details of the one I downloaded and tested are below.

Controller - 3M Touch Systems, SC3, Serial
Operating System(s) - Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32 and 64 bit)
Driver Version - 05:01:1466

Evaluation software is freely available to test the driver works as expected but only gives 100 'mouse clicks' between Nag screens for a 24 hour period

INSTRUCTIONS Specific Windows Desktop installation instructions are available here:
The complete set of UPDD documentation can be viewed at:


For further driver requirements email
For technical issues
or call on +44(0) 1202 733767
fax +44(0) 1202 735512


DM 04/22/2016