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Aries Brake Delay

Products: AR-xxAE,AR-xxAR,AR-xxSE,AR-xxSR,AR-xxPE (EPL), AR-xxCE (Aries Controller)

All Aries drives include a brake relay that opens and closes when the drive is enabled or disabled. In vertical applications the load may drop when the brake is released while the drive is trying to energize the motor phases. To prevent this drop, the drive can be programmed to delay the opening of the brake while the servo engages.

The OUTBD command specifies the amount of time that the brake relay will remain asserted after the current is applied to the motor windings when the drive is enabled. This allows torque to build up in the motor while the fault output is still high. This is important in vertical applications where the motor must be able to support the load before the brake is released.