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P Series Analog Inputs (command inputs) for Torque Control (or Velocity Control)

The P series drives can be configured for Torque Control or Velocity Control from a traditional +/- 10VDC analog input.

For Torque Control mode the analog input 1 is used (A-TLMT aka AI1) relative to AGND.

For Velocity Control mode the analog input 2 is used (A-OVR aka AI2) relative to AGND.

These analog inputs also have functionality in Pulse/Indexer mode as torque or velocity limiting inputs.  See P series user guide for more details.

Important Note - The analog inputs on the P series drive are 12 bit resolution (ADC converters).  This is slightly lower than some other Parker torque or velocity control drives which offer 14 bit resolution inputs.  This generally will not affect your application unless driving a small motor requiring better torque resolution or a lower speed motor requiring better velocity resolution.

Torque Control Velocity Control Analog Input Analog Inputs Command Input Command Inputs analog resolution 14 bit resolution 12 bit resolution

glh 11/2015