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VIDEO: How to set your PC's Ethernet IP address

How to set your PC's Ethernet (TCP/IP) address in order to communicate to PAC, ACR9000, ACR9600, IPA, PSD, Aries Controller, Compax3 I30, 6K, Gemini6K, Interact Xpress or InteractX


Procedure for Windows7:
Connect ethernet cable to PC and controller/drive

1. Open the Control Panel on your PC by clicking Start / Windows button and click Control Panel.

2. Click Network and Internet.
3. Click Network and Sharing Center.
4. Click Local Area Connection.
5. Click Properties.
6. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.

7. Click the radio button next to Use the following IP address and type in an IP address with the same first three octects as the default IP address. Set the last octect to a number different from the number set on the controller/drive. Making the last octect different gives the product and PC different IP addresses in the ethernet network. Valid range is 1 to 254. Using 000 or 255 is not valid. As an example, the PC's IP address is set to

8. Set the Subnet mask value to
The PAC320 should be set to

9. Click OK. These windows can now be closed. You now can ping the controller/drive and should be able to use the controller/drive software to connect.

updated 12/14jh - win7 procedure