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P Series Drives with MPP/MPJ/BE/SM/mSR/MPE/N/J/M motors

Products: P Series Drives, PD-xxP, PD-xxC, MPP/MPJ, MPE, BE, SM, N/J, M, and mSR servo motors

P Series Servo Drives can be configured for use with standard Parker motors such as the BE, SM and MPP/MPJ, N/J, mSR, and MPE families. Incremental encoders are supported beginning with Firmware version 0.81.
For PS connector options, a factory feedback cable is available under part number F-4A1-xx (xx = length in 5 foot increments, 05 through 50 feet standard). Power cable will depend on the size of the motor.
The mSR family offers cable 006-2691-01 to interface to the P Series drives.

Existing Parker feedback cables can modified with the addition of the drive side connector.
Connector kits for the drive feedback connector are available for purchase:
APC-CN3NNA Drive Feedback Connector, 14-pin
Cable Color code references.

PS Feedback P Drive
Pin Function PIN#
1 ENC A- 12
2 ENC A+ 13
4 Hall 1 5
5 Hall 2 3
6 Hall 3 1
7 DGND 7
8 +5 VDC 14
11 ENC B+ 11
12 ENC B- 10
14 N/C
15 ENC Z+ 9
16 ENC Z- 8
17 N/C

Motor Configuration Files
Motor Configuration with Parker MPP/BE/SM/J/N servo motors and mSR Linear Motor Stages
Motor and unzip
How to..........quick instructions for loading motor files with Drive Support Tool

Note - if operating with the mSR or other motors at lower bus voltages (like 24V or 48V) you will find the default current loop gain settings to be more aggressive than desired. The symptom will be a high frequency audible noise from the motor when enabled due to this default current loop gain. This gain can be lowered using the P Series Drive Support software in the "Trace / Trigger Monitor" screen via the Gain Window button. See the FAQ link below for details on changing it. For 48Vdc bus voltages, a value around 50% will be appropriate and for 24Vdc bus voltages a value of around 25% will be appropriate.
See this FAQ for more details on running PD-04x at non-230VAC levels.
P series with low voltages or 120vac

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