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Using a PHM monitor with a headless XPR/XPR2 unit

The PHM touchscreen monitor can be used with the headless XPR or XPR2 units as its display and touchscreen.  However, the XPR/XPR2 unit must be configured for this combination first (out of the box it will not be).

Remove the Compact Flash card from the XPR/XPR2 unit and run the flash back utility (see link to Flash Back Archives below).  Find the version that you are using and run the utility in the XRPT&XPR2T folder.  This is the version for use with the PHM external touchscreen. 

Flash Back Archives

Now transfer your application back to the CF card.  Plug in a VGA cable between the XPR/XPR2 headless unit and the PHM and an RS232 cross over (null modem) cable between the PHM and the COM1 port on the XPR/XPR2 unit. 



glh   6/2017