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PTA PAC Terminal with Web Visualization

For the PTA (new PAC Terminal), it works a bit differently than the previous Xpress HMIs or the PTI.

Here's a quick note about differences.

1. It uses an Android OS.There's no pop-up keyboard (unless you click on a text field).

    If you plug in a keyboard, pressing F10 doesn't get you to the configurator.

2. The main screen will come up as:

Here you can set the Visualization path. The default is webvisu.htm

This is the default name in PAM for a new visualization.

If the user changes this to something incorrect, it will give a connection error.

If by the remote chance, they have two visualizations in their project and they set to the wrong panel and need to change it, then there's 2 ways to get back to the main screen: 

1. Unplug the ethernet cable. If you unplug the ethernet cable, this causes a lost connection error:


Then click cancel and then this will take you back to the main screen where the correct url can be input.

2. If unplugging the ethernet cable is difficult as it's on the back of the panel, then cycle power and on the PAC Terminal boot screen shown below press the letter 'a'.

This will exit starting the application at boot and will exit to the main screen.

This is the application splash screen not to be confused with the OS splash screen (black):



When the application connects to the web visualization, this will appear briefly:

And then the application: