Parker Hannifin
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Getting Started with Quicklogging

Using Quick Logging in InteractX

Assumes you have completed:

 1: Installing MachineShop Suite (InteractX) And SQL2005 or Higher

 2:  Creating a New Project in InteractX


Step 1: Open the project you created in Step 2.


Step 2: Double click on CommServer in the application tree.


Step 3: Add a new Channel Named SIM and select the Simulator driver. Leave all options default. Add a new Device Named PLC and select the 16 Bit device module and leave all other options default.




Step 4: Close the Comm Server window.


Step 5:Create a screen and tags where we can create our simulated data

  for the logging application.  Double Cick on Panel001

  Insert a Legend Plate tool and title the screen: Production Data


Create the following Numeric Entry tools with Labels and Tags:


            Type                          Label                                      Tag Name

            Numeric Entry           N/A                                         Target

            Numeric Entry           N/A                                         Actual

            Numeric Entry           N/A                                         Downtime


Add 3 Legend Plate tools next to the Numeric Entry tools.


Type                          Label                                      Tag Name

Legend Plate           Target Production                N/A

Legend Plate           Actual Production                N/A

Legend Plate           Downtime                              N/A


Create a Momentary Pushbutton with label and tag:


            Type                          Label                                      Tag Name

            Momentary              Next Shift                               NextShift       


Add Navigation Tools that allow you to travel to the next screen and to exit the application when in runtime, found under templates.  Simply drag these tools

on to your screen.


Your finished screen should look something like this:



Step 6:  We are now going to create a SQL Server Express database and log

   these values using our New Quick Logging Feature:


   Select, View, then Tags if your tag window is not visible


All that is required to create a SQL Server Express database and begin logging these tags on a 1 second time interval is to check their Quick Log box in the Tag Editor.




Please check the QL check box for the tags named Actual, Target and Downtime.


This will automatically add these tags as elements to a table named QuickLogTable in a database named QuickLog.


In this case, we are going to simulate data being logged at the end of every shift, so we will need to change the logging interval for the QuickLog database form, from a 1 second interval to a Positive edge trigger.





Step 7: Find the Event Logs Folder on the Application Browser tree:


Right click on the Historical changes Icon, select properties, and select the QuickLog Log. In the Object Properties Windows select Logging Control.




Change the Control from a Time Interval Log Trigger to Positive Edge and tie the Trigger Output to the NextShift tag that we created earlier.

(Note you can also set a start and stop time for logging so that data is only logged during active hours).





 Step 8:  You can now test run this application, Select Tools, Run

            Application, Connected.  It should create a SQL Server

database on launch and log the current values for Target Production,  

Actual Production and Unscheduled downtime each time the NextShift button is pressed. 


As the application stands, there is no way to confirm that the database is being created, and logged to. You can build out an InteractX screen that uses the database tool Log Viewer tool in InteractX to read back the data.