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Quick Start and Online Training Videos

What is IEC61131-3? What is PLCopen? How does it help me?

What is EtherCAT? How does it work? How does it help me?

Video: Introducing Parker's PAC, the Automation Controller Based on IEC61131-3



QuickStart with Compax3 with Step-by-Step instructions (.pdf)

QuickStart sample programs (.zip)

QuickStart with P series with Step-by-Step instructions (.pdf)

Basic Programs for IEC61131-3/PLCopen

Coding Guidelines from

Time Based Counter: Increment a global variable continuously with 1 second increments.

Ladder Logic LD

Structured Text ST

Continuous Flow Chart CFC

Sequential Flow Chart SFC

Basic Motion: Enable a motor and then continuously: extend, 3s time delay, retract, time delay (repeat).

Ladder Logic LD

Structured Text ST

Basic Motion: Enable a motor, home, extend (incremental move), retract to 0 (absolute move), reset from toggle switches.

Continuous Function Chart CFC

Camming & Gearing: With push buttons in visualization, Enable two motors , home, Start master, Gear In & Out, Cam In & Cam Out. Also shows Trace.

Cam and Gear ST

Cam with Toggling Outputs based on Position CFC



PAC + C3 + Xpress (embedded) (click here to download .zip file)

This includes a sample program files for the Parker Automation Controller using the Parker Automation Manager Integrated Development Environment (IDE) software and Compax3 servo drive configuration file. These can be modified for your particular motor, IO modules and mechanics to quickly get up and running. The Xpress project can be loaded through the PAC Config Tool but the project (.lrp) does not need to be connected or loaded to run. Monitor program and motion status online in the PAC software or through internet browser (after loading the Xpress .lrp).

Quick Start PAC + Compax3 Video (Complete, 12min)

Individual Topic Videos

1. Parker Automation Controller Intro

a. Getting Started & Connected

b. Auto-Detect IO Modules

c. Adding IO Modules (offline)

d. Adding a Motion Axis

e. Set Tag Names for IO

2. Setting Scaling for Parker Mechanics

3. Online with PAC

a. Running Program, Axis Status screen

b. Structured Text (ST) program

c. Ladder Logic (LD) program

d. VisualizationStatus screen

e. Visualization Making edits




4. PAC with Xpress

How to Disable Remote Access Timeout

Setting up Compax3

1. EtherCAT connections, Setting Device Type (video)

2. Walking through C3 Configuration (video)

3. EtherCAT settings for C3 (video)

4. Download & Confirm Motion in Optimization (video)


ProfiNet with PAC sample


Further details

How to Set PC's Ethernet TCP/IP address (video)

How to Upload a Program?

How to make comments in PAC IDE software

How to Link or Embed External Files within PAC IDE Projects


Video: Performing AutoTuning for Compax3 (rotary motors)

Video: Performing AutoTuning for Compax3 (linear motors)

Programming Tip: Save Time on Naming Variables through Export/Import Mappings .csv

PACIO Connector Part Numbers

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