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Bayside Direct Drive Rotary R100D, R150D, R200D replacements

In looking at the catalog specifications, below are recommended replacements for the obsolete Bayside Direct Drive Rotary stages (R100D, R150D, R200D). The new P series have higher resolution Biss-C absolute encoders and can be used with the new P series or IPA series drive/controllers.  As these are not a drop-in replacement, please review the new dimensions and specifications. A local Parker Automation Technology Center (ATC) distributor that has automation engineers on staff can review the application and review motor sizing requirements to determine if these are appropriate for your machine.


  R100D PM-DDB03D  H
Axial Capacity 75kgf (165 lb) 1500N (337 lb)
Perpendicular Capacity 20kgf @ 50mm (1Nm) 40Nm (400kgf @ 100mm)
Stall Torque 1 Nm 3Nm
Peak Torque 4Nm 9Nm
Max speed 700rpm 500rpm
Radial Runout 20um 30um
Axial Runout 18um 15um
Inertia 14.2 gm-cm-s2 5.8 gm-cm-s2
  13.9 x 10-4 kg-m2 5.74x10-4 kg-m2
Resolution 629,760 1,048,576
arc-sec 2.0506 1.2360
Repeatability +- 6.15  arc-sec +- 1.3 arc-sec
Rotary top dim 100mm 135mm
Through Hole  20mm 20mm
Base dim 100mm x 130mm 135mm diameter
Height 75mm 78mm
Weight 2.2 kg 6.3 kg


  R150D PM-DDB03D  H PM-DDB06D  H
Axial Capacity 150kgf (330 lb) 1500N (337 lb) 1500N (337 lb)
Perpendicular Capacity 75kgf @ 100mm (5.6Nm) 40Nm (400kgf @ 100mm) 40Nm (400kgf @ 100mm)
Tcs 4 Nm 3Nm 6Nm
Tps 12Nm 9Nm 18Nm
Max speed 500rpm 500rpm 500rpm
Radial Runout 26um 30um 30um
Axial runout 23um 15um 15um
Inertia 86.4 gm-cm-s2 5.8 gm-cm-s2 8.8 gm-cm-s2
  84.6 x 10-4 kg-m2 5.74x10-4 kg-m2 8.67x10-4 kg-m2
Resolution 629,760 1,048,576 1,048,576
arc-sec 2.0506 1.2360 1.2360
Repeatability +- 6.15  arc sec +- 1.3 arc-sec +- 1.3 arc-sec
Rotary top dim 150mm 135mm 135mm
Through Hole  20mm 20mm 20mm
Base dim 150mm x 180mm 135mm diameter 135mm diameter
Height 78mm 78mm 100mm
Weight 5.8 kg 6.3 kg 7.2 kg


  R200D PM-DDC06D  H PM-DDC12D  H
Axial Capacity 250kgf (551 lbf) 3300N (741 lbf) 3300N (741 lbf)
Perpendicular Capacity 150kgf @ 100mm (15Nm) 70Nm (700kgf @ 100mm) 70Nm (700kgf @ 100mm)
Tcs 7 Nm 6Nm 12Nm
Tps 21Nm 18Nm 36Nm
Max speed 300rpm 500rpm 500rpm
Radial Runout 36um 30um 30um
Axial runout 30um 15um 15um
Inertia 338 gm-cm-s2 27.8 gm-cm-s2 39.6 gm-cm-s2
  331 x10-4 kg-m2 27.32x10-4 kg-m2 38.9x10-4 kg-m2
Resolution 944,000 1,048,576 1,048,576
arc sec 1.3728 1.2360 1.2360
Repeatability +- 4.1  arc-sec +- 1.3 arc-sec +- 1.3 arc-sec
Rotary top dim 200mm 145mm 145mm
Through Hole  30mm 35mm 35mm
Base dim 230mm x 200mm 175mm diameter 175mm diameter
Height 100mm 77mm 95mm
Weight 10.5 kg 8.7 kg 10.6 kg