Parker Hannifin
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User Function Block: Read Actual Torque

Products: ACR9600, ACR9630, ACR9640

AXIS_READTORQUE is a user function block that enables the user to monitor actual torque output of an axis. Download the code here : Axis_ReadTorque

The block reports the Final Ouput Signal parameter. Read here for full explanation. User can also input a ScaleFactor that is multiplied by the final output signal allowing the user to represent Torque or Force in units that are meaningful to the application.


AXIS AXIS_REF Axis Reference
ENABLE BOOL Enables the block to perform the read
ScaleFactor REAL Default = 1.0. This value is multipled by FINALOUTPUT to produce ActualTorque
VALID BOOL Block is reading properly
ActualTorque REAL FinalOutput Signal x ScaleFactor
Error BOOL Signals that error has occurred within function block
ErrorID WORD Error identification



jw Mar-2013