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Moving an embedded Xpress project from one PAC to another

This is a brief tutorial on how to pull an Xpress project off of one PAC by downloading it through the PAC Configuration Tool and upload it to another PAC using the same tool.

Step 1: Connect a PC's LAN port to the PAC and go to the PAC's IP address in Internet Explorer on the secure port (default is; the last two digits will always be 81).  Log in using the administrator's user name and password for this PAC (default is that the user name is "Admin" and the password is blank).  This is the PAC Configuration Tool.  Click "Xpress HMI Settings".

Step 2: Click "Get".  When Internet Explorer asks whether to open or save the file, click "Save".  The file will be downloaded and saved as an LRP file.  Although the file can be uploaded and run in another PAC, it is only compatible with the PAC's embedded Xpress and cannot be loaded onto other Xpress units (like XPR2's).

Step 3: Disconnect the PC from the first PAC and connect the PC's LAN port to the second PAC.  Go to the Xpress HMI Settings tab PAC Configuration Tool.  Click "Browse".  This will bring up a dialog box to select an embedded Xpress file to send to the PAC (note: files created with any version of Xpress Manager will not be compatible, only PAC Xpress files).  Once the file has been found, select it an click "Open".  Then, click "Send".

Step 4: The screen will show a loading message while it sends the Xpress project to the PAC.  After that, the user will be automatically logged out.  The project is now ready for use.

Daniel Cliffe

Applications Engineer

19 January 2016