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UCON Floating point values have Commas where the Decimal point should be

UCON Driver Applications created in Xpress / PFD version 2.0.4 and earlier using floating point number formats (ASCII Real format) were always using a decimal point in the value. Later versions use an updated driver that has a new check box "Use decimal comma in place of decimal point" option in the "ASCII Real Format Properties".

The default functionality for the added field "Use decimal comma in place of decimal point" is set to true in the driver configuration during the conversion but shows as false (un-checked) in the setup screen. Since the conversion sets it to true, the box should be showing as checked. The result is that your floating point number 10.001 is displayed and treated and transferred to your device as 10,001

For correct operation of the "ASCII Real Format" it is necessary to get the UCON configuration and setup corrected to have the box in the actual un-checked state.

To accomplish this; it is necessary to go into each tag that utilizes real numbers and first check the "Use decimal comma in place of decimal point" box to true. Save the configuration which aligns the actual configuration driver with the setup screen. Then, go back into each tag that was changed and change "Use decimal comma in place of decimal point" back to un-checked. This will update the driver configuration to use decimal points instead of decimal commas and align the setup screen to show the actual state of the "Use decimal comma in place of decimal point" check box.

When this changes in a future version, this FAQ will be updated to include the version number where it is no longer necessary to apply this procedure.