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Potential Issues When Upgrading from WinXP to Win7 (IPC, IPX, Interact X)

We offer the IPC and IPX platforms with a Win7 (Windows 7) Professional (64 bit) option on new units.  However, we do not offer an Windows upgrade option for existing units so customers may decide to do this themselves.  The list below covers some of the potential pitfalls you may need to work through.

How do I upgrade my IPX / IPC to Windows 7?

Note - we do not recommend upgrading to Win7 on the old PX, HPX, EPX, or the current EPX2 platforms

Here is a list of things to be aware of that you may need to work through if you do upgrade your IPC/IPX or third party PC to Win7 and using Interact X:

1.  Interact X version 4.0 supports Win7 operation.  Older versions of Interact X do not support Win7 operation so the application and runtime would need to be upgraded to version 4.0 when going to Win7 (32 or 64 bit versions).

How to order InteractX Upgrades

2.  Third party Windows programs.  The IPC and IPX units are full Windows operating systems and some systems may have been developed to use third party Windows programs as part of the system operation.  **

3.  Third party Active X controls.  Interact X allows third party Active X controls to be incorporated into the developed project.  These controls are installed separately in Windows and Interact X relies on Windows to see/use these controls.  After an upgrade these controls may need to be re-installed (assuming they are compatible with Win7 themselves) and/or re-registered with Win7.  **

4.  Windows Libraries.  Since Interact X supports VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) programming, the VBA code developed by the machine builder may have referenced Windows libraries that are not supported or included by Win7.  These libraries may need to be re-installed (assuming they are compatible with Win7 themselves) and/or re-registered with Win7.  **

5.  VBA Programming Quirks.  Older versions of VBA may have allowed short-cut syntax for library calls and after the Windows upgrade this short-cut nomenclature may cause Windows to pull the function from a different library since some functions can be contained in multiple libraries.  This may cause operational differences.

6.  Database Issues (ODBC Connectivity).  Database engines installed separately may need to be re-installed (assuming they are compatible with Win7 themselves) and/or re-registered with Win7.  **

7.  IPC/IPX Touchscreen Driver.  The existing touchscreen driver may function under Win7 but it was not designed for Win7 and we'd recommend replacing the older touchscreen driver to the newer Win7 compatible version.  See the link above for details on upgrading the IPC/IPX to Win7 and the touchscreen driver.

8.  Windows Desktop Theme.  When upgrading to Win7 the desktop option may default to one of the Aero themes.  This can cause various problems such as font issues, communication issues, browser issues, etc.  We recommend changing this to the Win7 basic style if using Interact X on the system.


** These are not Parker products and Parker cannot support them directly and won't have any knowledge of them.  These programs may or may not operate correctly under Win7.

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