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Loading Xpress Application on the XPR on bootup

Loading an Xpress application when the XPR boots.

By default, a new project created in Interact Xpress Manager will load into the Interact Xpress Shell on the XPR/XPR2 hardware.  In order to load directly into the application when the XPR/XPR2 powers up, please do the following:

In Interact Xpress Manager on your development PC :

1. Click on User Settings

2. Click Users

Here, you will notice that there is currently 1 user set up.  This user is Admin and by default, the Admin user loads into the Interact Xpress Shell on the hardware.

3. Click Add User

4. Create the user name and user level.  On this page, make sure that the start up program option is Runtime

5. Click OK to save the changes.

Now that the new user is created which will load directly into runtime on the XPR/XPR2,

6. Click Security Options and change your Local Start Up User to the newly created user.  Do the same for the Remote Startup User if you would like to remotely log into runtime and bypass the Interact Xpress Shell.

Once set, power the XPR/XPR2 down and power it back up.  It will now load directly into your application.


Last Modified 3/27/2012 by KJAX