Parker Hannifin
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Interact Xpress with Compax3 Sample for Torque Control

The following provides a sample Interact Xpress project designed to interface with a Compax3 T30 or T40 drive/controller.  It includes the Compax3 sample application it was designed with.

The .lrp file is the Interact Xpress project to be used with the XPR/XPR2 products and can be opened using the Interact Xpress Manager software.  It provides an example of interfacing to the Compax3 and using the Recipe Tool.

Torque Control Sample - Screw Tightening Scenario

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this example is to illustrate the use of the torque block (C3_Torque_Control) for torque/force control integrated with normal position based moves.  The Xpress project has a 'manual mode' screen for entering the key data points and running a single cycle.  The Xpress project also has an 'batch mode' screen for loading stored recipes (but not for adding more recipes in this example) and sending them down to the Compax3 drive/controller and then entering a batch count for repetitive cycles.


"Start_Torque"         "CH1.DV1.1901.1"            "Real" 
"Stop_Torque"         "CH1.DV1.1902.1"            "Real" 
"Time_at_Torque"   "CH1.DV1.1901.2"            "Real" 
"Vel_Limit"             "CH1.DV1.1902.2"            "Real" 
"Velocity"                "CH1.DV1.1901.3"            "Real" 
"External_Start"      "CH1.DV1.1903.1"             "Int"          "0" 
"Go_Home"            "CH1.DV1.1904.1"              "Int"          "0" 
"Torque_Limit"       "CH1.DV1.1909.1"             "DInt" 
"Batch_Counter"     "CH1.DV1.1905.3"             "Int"          "0"
"Start_Batch"          "CH1.DV1.1904.3"             "Int"          "0"
"Batch_Count"        "CH1.DV1.1903.3"             "Int"         "0" 
"Cycle_Dwell"       "CH1.DV1.1902.3"             "Real" 

glh 2/5/13