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Interact Xpress Tag Rules Examples

The attached file is a sample Interact Xpress project (.lrp file).  Download and save it in your Interact Xpress Manager project directory and then open in Interact Xpress Manager.

The Tag Rules are included on one of the project panels for reference.  See the Tag Editor for how the tag rules were applied and the math functions being done.


Logic Example - The tag Set_All is assigned to the button labeled Set_All.  The tag is then also used in the addresses for tags Bit128, Bit132, and Bit140, which are tied directly to their respective hardware memory locations in the ACR controller with the following syntax:

'ACR.ACR1.BIT128' = Set_All

'ACR.ACR1.BIT132' = Set_All

'ACR.ACR1.BIT140' = Set_All

The Set_All button is a latch type of button.  The Clr_All button unlatches the Set_All button which in turn sets all three user bits back to zero.

The OR, AND, XOR indicators simply apply advanced logic math equations to the Bit128, Bit132, and Bit140 values.  See the Tag Editor for these equations.

Values Example - This panel is simple example of using a single numeric entry tool to set a numeric value to two parameters in the controller. 

The numeric entry tool is tied to the tag Set_Vel.  Then the controller parameters are set in tags AX0_Vel and AX1_Vel with the following addresses:

'ACR.ACR1.P12346' = Set_Vel

'ACR.ACR1.P12602' = Set_Vel

Math Example - This panel does some creative things using the tag rules to simulate data that would normally be changing in the controller.  The ACR system timer is used and a couple of user parameters are used.  You cannot do direct circular referencing per Tag Rule #5.  However, this example uses indirect circular referencing to increment the Batch_Count parameter and also to derive a delta in system timer updates for the takt time calculation. 

Normally these functions would be done in the controller but were added to this sample simply as an illustration and so that no programs would need to be running in the controller to make this sample 'work'.

Key Words - tag rules tag sharing

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