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how many z pulses on a Dynaserv G3 drive

The number of Z pulses seen by a Dynaserv G3 drive as well the number of Z pulses sent out of the drive depend on the model number of the drive. For a given drive model this number fixed and can not  be cahnged.

Drive Model Number  Pulse generation method Number of Z pulses
DMG3-1xxxxA Hardware 100
DMG3-1xxxxB* Hardware 60
DMG3-1004B, DMG31006B Software 124
DMG3-1xxxxC Software 124
DRG3-1xxxA Software 200
DRG3-1xxxB Software 124
DRG3-1xxxE Software 150
DRG3-5xxxB Software 68
DRG3-5xxxE Software 78
DRG3-5xxxc Software 52

*Excluding DMG3-1004B     and  DMG31006B